(4.4) Event Management

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Event management is a comprehensive training course designed to equip you with the knowledge required to plan, organize, and execute remarkable events under the SFL umbrella. It covers a wide range of topics, starting from defining event goals to post-event steps. Each module focuses on specific aspects of event management, to ensure a holistic understanding of the process.


By the end of this training, you will: 

  • Synthesize event management principles to plan, execute, and evaluate successful events that align with SFL’s best practices and values.
  • Comprehend the effective organization of the event team, the assignment of roles, and the skilful delegation of responsibilities.
  • Analyze the components of effective event planning to make informed decisions, including budgeting, programming, and promotion. 
  • Demonstrate your understanding of event management principles by recalling and articulating key concepts within training assignments.

Course Materials

Event Handbook (2020):

Additional Resources:

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