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This training was produced in 2019 by a group of European coordinators responsible for building ESFL’s Speak Freely blogging platform.

Speak Freely was created, built, and maintained entirely by volunteer coordinators who wanted to support students on their journey towards becoming successful writers for liberty.

After completing this training, many participants will be successful at getting their first article published. For some, this may be the beginning of an exciting career writing for liberty.

At the time of recording, the Speak Freely team were all SFL coordinators, just like you. They used the tools, opportunities, and resources provided by SFL to leverage their flair and skill for writing. They are all accomplished and experienced writers having scores of articles published in major mainstream news outlets across the planet. Many have gone on to hold positions at major pro-liberty media, think tanks, or communications outlets.

In this short training, they will share their knowledge, tips, and tricks to help you level up your skillset, smash through writers’ blocks, and get excited to start writing for liberty today.


By the end of this training, you will:

  • Recall effective techniques for selecting topics that align with the theme of liberty and captivate readers’ attention.
  • Grasp the fundamental structure of an op-ed, including the introduction, main arguments, and conclusion.
  • Employ appropriate writing techniques to create persuasive and coherent op-eds advocating liberty.
  • Acquire helpful insider tips, including best practices on how to work with your editor.
  • Get the opportunity to submit your article for publication to an SFL blog, incorporating insights from the training.


The following steps must be completed to gain access to this course content:

  • Complete SFL’s Coordinator Onboarding Training.
  • Complete SFL’s Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations Training.


Since recording this training during ESFL's LibertyCon, 2019, in Belgrade, Serbia, Speak Freely has an entirely new team of editors who completely revamped the platform in 2021.

Some important details mentioned in the videos have therefore changed:

Updated website URL:

Updated submissions email address:
[email protected]

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