Student Courses

Overview: Welcome to Students for Liberty’s Onboarding Training for Local Coordinators. Be excited, as you are about to embark on a fantastic journey of growth, self-mastery, and open up a

Overview In the next step of your onboarding training, you will learn about SFL’s approach to leadership and why we believe our mission and vision can be best realized by

Overview At its inception, Students For Liberty set out to become the place for liberty minded students everywhere to come together and meet under the same tent, to share ideas,

Overview At SFL we have learned that the best way to learn leadership skills is to put them into practice. Events give us a great opportunity to step up to

Overview Remember the words of Frédéric Bastiat: “The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is, not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended.” If you

OVERVIEW Are you a coordinator for Students For Liberty? Do you want to learn how to effectively communicate the vision and mission of your organization in a short amount of

Overview Welcome to the next leg of your training with SFL. The RR&E marks an important step on your journey to success, as it allows you to map out areas

Overview: This training was produced in 2019 by a group of European coordinators responsible for building ESFL’s Speak Freely blogging platform. Speak Freely was created, built, and maintained entirely by volunteer

Overview: Welcome to SFL’s Development Training. Fundraising (often referred to as development or “devo” in the non-profit sector) fuels our ability to support the events, campaigns, and activities of SFL

Overview This training and accompanying handbook has been developed to equip SFL coordinators around the globe with the principles, methods, and techniques of non-violent protest. Outcomes By the end of

Overview: Event management is a comprehensive training course designed to equip you with the knowledge required to plan, organize, and execute remarkable events under the SFL umbrella. It covers a

Overview: Welcome to Students For Liberty’s Senior Coordinator Onboarding Training designed for all incoming National, State, and Regional Coordinators. Most of your experience in your new role will happen on

Welcome to the training for Students for Liberty’s new Talent Identification and Evaluation System, or TIES. We put this training together to help everyone in SFL ensure that all our

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